Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunrise........Sunset! The passage of time!

Enjoy the beautiful Sunset from last night and even prettier Sunrise from this morning! Now, I"m trying to remember that song that starts ...Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset, Swiftly flow the days...............or something like that. I'm sure it is about 30-40 years old! Anyway, as one year ends and another begins, we are all reminded about the passage of time. What signifies the passage of time for you?

Here are some literal symbols that connote the passage of time and some more symbolic or personally abstract ones;

A clock
An Alarm on the clock
The second hand on your watch
A school bell between periods
A calendar
A bridge
An anniversary
New Year's Eve
Time's Square
A wedding ring
A photograph
A Family Tree
The Sunrise
The Sunset
A Blog Post
The end of a great book or series of books.
Your child going to kindergarten.
Your child going to college.
Your child getting married.
Talking to your parents about when they were young.
The cost of a loaf of bread.
Historical Fiction.
The Washington Monument
The Pyramids.
A change in seasons.
The first snowfall.
Crocus and Daffodils Blooming.
A Pumpkin.

Well, you get the idea.........the list goes on and on. What signifies the passage of time for you? I'd love to hear your comments! Enjoy the passage of time, today, and always for you are only in this moment once!


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  1. The birth of my first grand child. My son is 25 and now a daddy. Wow!!