Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Appreciating Architecture....Buffalo, New York.

Have you ever stopped long enough to look at some of the wonderful buildings we have in the US?

Recently, while returned to a city that I lived and worked in for many years, I had a tour of a brand new building; The new Federal Courthouse Building in Buffalo, New York.  It is a fabulous new building in downtown Buffalo with a glass window pane exterior!  

Some of its most notable features are the curved appearance, the glass exterior, and the words of the U.S. Constitution etched on the surface of the glass near the entryway.  It is stunning!

I don't know what drew us to the building tour.  A relative works there and certainly, that may be the main reason.  However, my youngest child is very interested in architecture.  He is fascinated by shapes and forms and how they all fit together to create a wonderful structure.  

As I looked at this new building, I began to look around at the old buildings surrounding us.  The city of Buffalo has some wonderful architecture.  Long past its prime and somewhat mired in a long desired but always doubtful rejuvenation of the downtown area, Buffalo has a lot to be proud of.

The ever-present but somewhat forgotten views of City Hall, the Liberty Building, Niagara Square and Lake Erie were lovely as seen from the upper floors of the new building.  The new was opening my eyes for the old.

City Hall displays an art deco theme to its structure. I believe it was built during that period.  The Liberty Building, as I am calling it, has two ladies of liberty atop its twin-multi-story, towers.  I'm not sure what is housed in that building.  Niagara Square, complete with an obelisk, looks cared for; clean and resplendent with colorful annuals. Surely, a place to have lunch on a bright, sunny afternoon.

Buffalo has some wonderful architecture.  It was refreshing to see an old city, one that I once called home, creating new buildings and caring for its wonderful, unique older ones. Visiting the new courthouse building was one of the highlights of our trip!

So, wherever you live or wherever you visit, stop long enough to look around you.  Forget all your predisposed notions of the place you are in, and look for the beauty of the buildings, both old and new.  You'll be glad you did!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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