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Capitol City Visit
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Colorful Origami.... A Treasury of Creations by Talented Artists on Etsy

Enjoy this Colorful Treasury of Creations by Paper Artists on Etsy.

Here is the link:

Origami is a wonderful art form.

The art of paper folding has its basis in the world of mathematics!

Did you know that?  

It's True!

There are many, many applications to this creative art form.
From architecture to medicine, organists are bringing this

ancient art to the forefront with modern meanings.

Have you ever seen Between the Folds?   

It is an Independent Lens movie about Origami!


I can highly recommend it!

In any case, I would suggest that you spend some time looking at the ancient art of 

paper folding.  It you don't want to try it yourself, I'd be surprised.  But, at least

you can appreciate the beautiful objects made by some very talented people!

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S.  I've been adding items to my shop recently! Please stop by and see what is new!

Have a GREAT week!