Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amish Auction! Labor Day Alternative!

Labor Day is always special to me!  The reason for that is I truly labored on labor day, some 18 years ago!  I could have even claimed a FREE crib from IKEA for having a baby on labor day, but since we had the crib (isn't that an essential item????) and didn't live near IKEA, we didn't claim it! 

Well, since labor day's date moves around that first week in September, we weren't celebrating a birthday yesterday.  Instead, we went to an Amish Auction!  We've long been interested in flea markets and auctions, but recently have had a renewed inspiration to actually attend one of these events.  

We drove about an hour from home to arrive at the Auction site in South-Western Wisconsin.  It was located in a small town in Vernon county, a county where many local amish families live.    

What fun we had......there were two rings with very fast talking auctioneers, selling the goods!  My husband got our ticket, left it with me and took off to watch the furniture auction.  He makes handcrafted furniture, himself.  So, he was very interested in the quality, craftsmanship, and price the Amish pieces were presenting.  We almost won a bent-wood rocker, out of black walnut no-less, but eventually got out bid.  Today, my husband is wishing he bid higher!

I stayed outside in the plant auction.  I ended up having the winning bid on some hardy asters.....the variety is called Prince Henry III, a gorgeous pink!  It was fun!  I brought home four! Two are in the ground already!  

We ate some homemade cookies and drove through our state's beautiful countryside!  We had a great day!  Everyone was cheerful and polite!  We will be going back!  I think I'm planning on getting my annuals there, next spring!

Enjoy the pictures.........and thanks for stopping by!

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