Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drowning in Photographs...........

I have to admit it!  I take too many pictures!  I photograph all the jewelry I design and create, I photograph my kids, my yard, school functions, vacations, landscapes, fruit on the trees, etc.

I am literally drowning in pictures!  

This year my eldest son graduates from high school.  I don't know where the time has gone but I do know that I want to make some kind of keepsake for him.  He is an extraordinary young man! I know every parent feels that way, so I am not alone!  Due to all the wonderful accomplishments he has, I want to make some photo books that will preserve what he has already accomplished in the first part of his life.

I have decided to do this via online scrap books and photo stories, as well as home made DVD's.  Of course to be able to do justice to his school years, I need to have some kind of organization to the whole thing.  This is precisely where I come into a problem.  

UGH!  I need to sort and be able to categorize the thousands of photographs I've acquired.  This will take extra time, but I'm intent on doing it.  I've decided to make one photo book for his elementary years, one for middle school, and one for each year of high school.  This series of books will include family memories such as our trips to Bermuda, Hawaii, The Florida Keys, Gettysburg, Mt. Rushmore, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  The books will also commemorate 8 years of piano recitals, solo/ensembles, concerts, theater productions, National History Day Finals in Washington, D.C., and other performance events.  Of course, holidays and birthdays, visits with family and relatives will all be thrown in for good measure.  

It is a huge project to undertake but one that he can take with him if he wants when he leaves for college next year.  My heart is swelled with pride for him and the young man his has become.  The books will be a small token of our parental pride in him; one that he can cherish and keep as close as necessary.

I look forward to doing it!  However, right now it is somewhat daunting! So, I better get cracking!
The time is now to start organizing my pool of pictures!  

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