Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
Madison Wisconsin

Sunday, February 19, 2012

President's Day! Featured in a Treasury!

Good Morning!

The news today is that I have been busy listing all kinds of new things in my shop! Some of them are found above.

You can visit each of their listings in my shop at;

One of my photographs has also been featured in a President's Day Treasury!
You can check that out here;
Please feel free to comment and click or even favorite the treasury! I was very pleased
to be included in this! Thanks!

Lastly, through tomorrow, 2/20/12, in my shop my resin Travel Memory Photographic Bracelets are all 25% off! You just need to read my shop announcement for details on this sale!
Appropriately enough, one of these bracelets features iconic landmark pictures of Washington D. C. ...... Check it out!

Thanks! And have a GREAT SUNDAY!!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Odd advertising opportunities!

Good Day! Today, I'd like to write about some odd places you might find for advertising opportunities! If you are an etsy, artfire, or other on-line seller, you know that finding and using the right advertising can be somewhat of a challenge!

In the past, I've tried advertising on craft cult, craftopolis, project wonderful and a couple of different blogs. None, were all that successful and I can not track one sale to using any of those advertisement venues. Sure, I probably got some increased exposure, but without co-existing sales, what is the point?

Last month, I did return to a blog for advertisement. The blog I chose this time was a little different. One, I had personal experience with visiting/reading the blog well before I chose to advertise on it. In fact, it wasn't until right before the holidays that I realized this blog offered advertising. PixelBerryPieDesigns was offering a bloghop/shophop that I had been a regular participant in. When I saw advertising was offered, I jumped! For one reason, I liked her layout. My advertisement would be clearly visible and not lost amongst a lot of others. She had many regular visitors to her blog, and it was affordable. I am just about half way through my advertisement period on her blog and I can clearly see that I am getting regular views from my advertisement. Please visit the link here to check it out for yourself!
(you can view my advertisement to the right side bar)
(this is her advertising information)

Well, maybe advertising on a blog isn't all that odd. However, my next two advertisements are more unusual. They are both geared at gaining some more local exposure and customers. This spring my eldest child is participating in a show band, affiliated with our high school show choir. They are hosting a large competition in March. Local businesses can purchase advertisment space in the program for this show, that will run an entire Saturday and include participants from many schools. Show Choir is a big thing here! Many, many students participate and bring their families and friends to watch them perform. For just a small amount of money, I can put an ad for Carol's Jewelry Orchard in the program for the competition our school is hosting. The ad has the potential to reach many, many people. It is a print ad that can be taken home, and people can visit my shop by referring to the information in the ad.

I am excited about trying that. The difficult part was choosing which piece of jewelry to put in the ad, since it will be black and white. I finally finished it last night! It appears above and I am very excited to get it in the program!

Lastly, I will take a similar advertisement out in the High School Spring Musical production program. I ran an ad for my jewelry shop in last year's program. Again, I'm not sure that I got any direct sales from the advertisement, but with this year's production being Wizard of Oz, we are sure to draw some large crowds....roughly 400 people a night for four nights! I don't think I mentioned the fact that my business was local last year, so I will make sure that piece of information is with my advertisement this time!

My ad with Pixel Berry Designs runs through March. The show choir ad will run the first week in March and the play ad will run the last week in March. You can be sure I'll be following my Google Analytics in March!

These advertisements were less than $20.00 each. They will serve as 3 months of advertising. It is really not a lot of money to get increased exposure and hopefully, a few sales!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pre-Valentines SALE!

Happy Sunny Saturday Morning!

Wow! We just can't complain about our weather this winter, here in the mid-west. It is another bright, mild sunny day!

A great time to announce a weekend sale! The weather has me in such a good mood this morning that I decided to run a Pre-Valentines weekend SALE in my etsy shop. Your entire order will receive 25% off if you use coupon code SWEET25 at checkout. This is a great way to save on a gift for that special someone or for yourself! This offer excludes prior and custom orders.

Time is flying! It has been another fast and busy week! I completed two custom orders, a lanyard and a pair of earrings. Two orders were modified for other customers; one brand new customer and one of my most faithful returning customers! I also started a new batch of beaded bookmarks!

As you might recall, I had a special order for a large batch of bookmarks, this November from a lady in France who owns a gift shop there! I became an international seller this fall! That, I can tell you, was very exciting for me! The order depleted my bookmark supply, so this week I started building it back up! You can see my efforts in the pictures that in included in my post.

I hope you take a minute to stop by my shop and see if you can take advantage of my Pre-Valentine sale! Remember, you'll save 25% if you use the coupon code SWEET25!

Happy Day!