Capitol City Visit

Capitol City Visit
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday.

Wordless Wednesday.  Some just sold and just listed items for your visual enjoyment!  You can also enjoy my post from yesterday on letting them feel your passion; Educational Volunteerism!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let them feel your passion!

Recently, I have spent some time re-evaluating how I am spending my time!  I have been feeling overwhelmed of late, with all of my various committments.  You see, I volunteer.  A lot!  I'm what you might call an educational advocate.  I've been volunteering in schools for the last 12 years!  This year, due to my increasing visibility in several groups and increasing comfort level in speaking my mind, I was approached by two new individuals; both no more an acquaintances, about aiding a cause for which they were fighting.  I have to say that it was hard, but I turned them both down.  

This led me analyze exactly how much time I do dedicate to volunteering.   Are you ready?  It totals about 30 hours a month!  While that might not seem like much, it truly does not reflect the whole of what I contribute.  I lead two groups for our school district and both require planning and preparation!  I did not include the planning or preparation or communicating I do, monthly, to keep those groups running smoothly!  I also have a family with school age children, a husband, a home, a jewelry business, a large garden, and the usual activities that go with all of those roles.

Today, I told a friend that I need to re-evaluate what I am doing and why I am doing it, so that next year I don't feel so frazzled!  It got me to thinking about passion.  While conversing with this friend, who has become a friend having had all three of my children at some point in her teaching career, I let on that I was re-evaluating.  Unfortunately, because one of my volunteer activities is for her students, I felt compelled to explain myself.  For the last two years, I have facilitated a writer's circle for young elementary aged writers.  I've enjoyed this immensely.  Yes, it takes some lesson preparation (which I also did not count in the thirty hours).  Yes, it takes my time to be with them and to correct their work.  Yes, it takes my time to go in to the computer lab to print off their work and submit it to a poetry contest.  It is ALL worth it!  All six of my young writer's will have their poems published this year.  Three of my students had their work published last year!  They are proud of their work and so am I.  

So, as I re-evaluate what I am involved with next year, I will be looking at my passions.   I have a passion to teach.  I have a passion for writing.  I have a passion for young, highly capable students who are committed to working hard and learning.  In a nutshell, I know I will not be giving up Writer's Circle.  

It fulfills my passions to be working with these young, talented students.  In turn, I believe they feel my passion for teaching, for my passion high quality work, for my passion for a high level of commitment to school and learning, for my passion for them as individuals doing their best to go above and beyond!  

Over the coming weeks, as the school year winds down, I will be further examining my passion for education.  My current roles are widely varied.  I will be examining my level of passion for each activity I provide voluntarily, some that I've been providing for many, many years.  I think it is time for a change.  But be assured, I will continue what I am passionate about!

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